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temperatures this morning, 73 right now in town. upper 60s in the shenandoah valley. low 70s down south. that's a good starting. once we get rid of the showers early we will break out the sunshine and boost temperatures in the upper 70s north and west and 85 south. drive home temperature breezy, partly sunny and 81. right now 73 and it is time for traffic. >> new hour but still same old wet roads we are cooling with. everybody please use caution. a couple of extra minutes early to avoid the bigger delays this morning. on the outer loop, we are filling in from new hampshire to georgia avenue. so far this delay plus five minutes in the car. moving to inbound new york avenue. looks like we are slow from the times building past this point at bladensburg road. okay approaching florida avenue. 95, you are delayed between duke over to seminary. expect these bumpers to start to stack up shortly and one big delay we are tracking that comes before this on 95 northbound, just dragging along between the prince william
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parkway and lorton and then in the express lanes the hov lanes at lorton is where we have crash activity and drivers start to back up at 123. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, angie. let's check on how things are in leesburg, virginia. kristin fisher is live tracking our storm alert. some are seeing rain, others reason. what are you seeing, kristin? >> we are seeing more rain now. it has been stop and start throughout the morning. when i first saw you at 5:00 there was pouring rain and then 5:30 no rain. and now we are in between. if you look at the street light you can see how much rain we are getting right now. nothing too crazy whatsoever but certainly enough to have some sort of an impact on the morning commute if you are heading in to the washington, d.c. area from loudoun county. also take a look at this video that our photographer gregos shot earlier this morning, just outside of dulles airport. you can see the rain is really coming down strong right there.
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and that's what we have been worried about all morning long is the flash flooding. could that type of rain lead to flash flooding. and here and throughout much of the washington area we are under a flash flood watch until 8:00 this morning. right through the heart of the morning rush. so this is indeed going to continue to be a concern. for the most part, what i'm seeing right now here in loudoun county, it's not tutu bad. in fact to be it is not too, too bad. you can see this is the kind of run jaw we are dealing with. a little water trickling down the drains right now. nothing major whatsoever and you can see the cars moving fine fine. no incidents or accidents to report. so, you know, so far so good. i think the bottom line is, you know how people drive in the rain. they always slow down. there's always some sort of issue and it always tacks on a few extra minutes to the commute. the bottom line, bring an
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umbrella or rain jacket this morning because you are going to get wet and plan for a few extra minutes on the morning commute this morning. andrea? >> that extra planning will pay off in the long run. >> whenever wet weather moves in, head over to and check out our interactive doppler radar. zoom in to your street and customize the radar to however you want it. check it out on the weather page at in oh news, president obama is calling for a longer school year nationwide. he says it will make america more competitive in the world. however with school budgets stretched so thin already who knows if it will ever happen. in falls church, virginia they get more time in class. they don't have early
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dismissals on mondays like most elementary schools giving students a boost and she backs the idea of more classroom time. >> i know that time, instruction, really does matter and it does make a difference. >> reporter: right now the average school year is 180 days this the united states compared to 180 in nigeria, 192 england. 216 in israel and 243 days a year in japan. a 16-year-old boy is charged as an adult after his little brother shot himself with a stolen handgun. as of this morning the 2-year- old boy is in critical condition. police in hagerstown say the boy found the gun under a bed in his home yesterday morning. his brother, 16-year-old marcus is now facing five adult charges. the suspect's girlfriend is charged with hiding the gun at a nearby playground after the
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shooting. this morning good news for the motorist who recorded a traffic stop with a helmet cam. we have shown you the video before. anthony graber reported a trooper pulling him over at gun.on i-95 in maryland. after the video hit youtube police arrested grabber. now a judge dismissed charges that grabber taped think officer illegally. they say he had every right to record a cop doing his job out in public. time for a "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is in the kitchen going high-tech. the author of grad jet nation now in paper back. >> yeah! >> he has his top picks for home office gadgets and we start with something insane here. this is though world's toughest external hard drive. to make a point i have it sitting in water here. but you can see it is water proof, it's fireproof.
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you can actually crush it, burn it, anything you want. we have a video where you can see it going through a barrage of abuse and the price includes the data retrieval, pictures, financial information, starting price at 500 gigabytes is 535. >> an we are keeping the air cleaner. >> home offices are famous for being dusty and nasty places sometimes. this is an air pure fier from honeywell. takes out 99.97% of microbes in the air, up to .3-microns. it is number one recommended by doctors. >> and phones in the home office. >> we have seen you plug your land line in it to and you have extension cords. this is a cordless hand set you can have a blue tooth connection to your cell phone if your cell phone rings or theelin line comes in you can take it from your cell phone and put it in to the hand set which is really neat and if you have a weak signal in the house
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grab the signal and pull it through the house. on a land line great way to add extensions to the cell phone. >> under $100 from panasonic. >> we love it. >> want to learn more about the gadgets go to an visit the "living $mart" page and find out how to get your hands on them. here's a look at the events happening today. secretary of health and human services will hang out with the terps. she will visit college park for a political rally. it's one of dozens nationwide. a funeral today at arlington national cemetery for the late senator ted stevens. the alaskan republican died in a plane crash last month. he was the longest serving senator in history. a relic of st. john bosco goes on display at the national shrine. the 1800-pound display contains the remains of the 19th century italian saint. the stop is part of a worldwide tour. today a free health care
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event with important preventive screenings. we will have a preview in ten minutes. in 3:00 minutes a closer look at e-cigarettes. learn how they work and why some people are not happy with them. it is our focus on maryland's weather and traffic and we start with howard. we will show you live live doppler 9000 hd. we have some showers, some light and some on the heavy side. start up in frederick county. you see the showers moving to the north and montgomery county and poolesville and dickerson in to southern frederick. we have heavy showers. these things will have heavy downpours. lesser lighter rains. along costal areas from shady side an deal. plum point that will be pulling in to the bay. saint leonard and lusby and st. mary's city dealing with light rain showers coming out of virginia. we have wet we around this
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morning. things much beer this afternoon. highs upper 70s to low 80s. it's time for look at maryland traffic. here's angie. >> as for now on the roadways, connecticut and bradley boulevard. nothing to report. this is 355 and shady grove. slick pavement to contend with. connecticut and bradley and i will show you that things are similar out there or not. take it to the maps. 50 westbound. lanes are wide open as you make your way from the bay bridge to bowie to the capital beltway. just experiencing the usual volume. it is nine minutes after the 6:00 hour. 9 news now this morning will be right back. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey
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die hard smokers are looking for new ways to feed their nicotine habit and one growing in popularity is raising concerns. >> like most places of business these days, maria's employer has a strict non-smoking policy. >> i can smoke it anywhere. and no one can say anything to me about it in the it is an electronic cigarette. it's tobaccoless and runs on a battery. when she inhales liquid nicotine and other chemicals from this art ridge are turned in to a thick odorless vapor but not everyone is crazy about these. >> we are deeply concerned because the products are sold in shopping malls with flavors
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that appeal to kids. >> ranging from apple to cotton candy but they say it costs too much for kids. >> it costs between 90 and $120 to buy a starter pack and most kids walking around do not have $90 they can bring out to buy these things. >> reporter: the food and drug administration says the kids are getting their hans on high- tech versions. >> we don't know what is in these products. what we are urging is anyone that wants to sell a product to help people stop smoking undergo rigorous testing for safety. >> reporter: the makers insist the products are a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products. a reform smoker other over five months and counting, it says it has made all the difference in helping her quit. >> my skin is better. i feel better. i can go up the stairs and not be out of breathe. >> earlier this monday the food and drug administration sent letters to the electronic cigarette association saying the agency intends to regulate these grits and the fda said
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makers cannot claim their devices treat nicotine addiction unless the product's effectiveness is proven. some stan states have banned the sale of these things to anyone under 18. in our area, the district will not sell them to minors and in maryland and virginia as long as the product is tobaccoless there are no regulations. at 6:13, here's what is in the news now. a report out today looks at the emotional impact of the gulf oil spill. the gallup survey reports depression cases are up 25% along the gulf since the april 20th explosion and spill. a guilty verdict on three counts in the drunk driving crash involving nick adenhart. the pitcher died last year with two friends. the man behind the crash faces 50 years to life and will be sentenced in november. they are not having fun in the warm california sun. los angeles had a all time high
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on monday. 113 degrees but it will be back in the 80s today. can't tell them the dry heat makes it feel okay at 113. >> no but it is short lived. once the winds turn off the ocean ocean they cool down quickly. the flood watch is ticking away county by county. you are out of it virginia. dc you are out of it. west of town things are a starting to fall off. and frederick is out of a flood watch. that is until 8:00. hard pressed to survive that long. we still have a few storms that we are watching, or heavier rain showers to the west. you see one here southwest of fredericksburg and also in the mountains. rest go to live doppler 9000 hd. and we are.pointing where the heavy showers are along the coast. a coastal flood warning anne arundel with stiff southeast
6:15 am
winds. jan in reedville says the winds are at 20 from the southeast. it is really blowing up there. in west virginia, south of romney, east of petersburg, paw paw and romney watch out. these cells are moving north northeast at 40 plus miles an hour. they could have some gusty winds. in southern frederick county, western montgomery, dulles, reston, chantilly this is lifting north northeast. it will get clarksburg and boyds in a while. grit falls heading to you. vienna may clip through this as well as fairfax some showers this morning. not everyone is seeing them right now. getting ready for the bus stop, you want to have the rain gear handy as we have showers. some are heavy. sun is up at 7:01. today, could be a shower, especially east of town 9:00. 75. 80 at noon. partly to mostly cloudy skies and 81, partly sunny, should be
6:16 am
a nice afternoon an here with a little bit of a breeze. tonight, partly cloudy and cooler. 55 to 62. winds shifting to the northwest at phi clock. 6:56 on sunset and how about wednesday. maybe a little sun early. otherwise increasing clouds with a late shower possible. highs around 75 degrees. we have 73 in town. upper 60sin the shenandoah valley. cumberland, one of the cool spots at 61 and low 70sle really all over there with muggy conditions in southern maryland. 50sin the mountains. dew point in the 60s. so this tropical air mass in place can produce this heavy rainfall thanks to low pressure pulling through west virginia. this thing is going to continue to pull away from us. so that with a front coming through later on we will see some clearing skies during the afternoon. should be pretty nice an here. maybe a lingering shower in the mountains. quiet tonight and look at how the moisture surges here as we head not is much in to wednesday afternoon with the clouds return but wednesday in
6:17 am
to thursday. some of the computer models going through thursday in to friday morning have inches of rain across the region. not an inch, inches. three, four or maybe more inches of rain from thursday's system. this could be worse than what we have been dealing with. 75 tomorrow. tomorrow night, thursday, more rain. heavy at times in the 70s, upper 70s. friday 72 and then hello october and fall. sunday and monday's highs in the low 60s. >> i thought it would never come, howard. >> all right. thank you very much. hello, everybody. we are making our way through the 6:00 hour and right now no major discount to tell you about. it is mainly the slow goes that we are seeing that are bigger than usual thanks to the rain on the roadway. 66 from 234 to 28 you are stacked as well as making your way from route 50 to nutley. as we commute over to 495 on the inner loop between braddock road and little river, also watching a good amount of congestion start to build.
6:18 am
270 you are slow from father hurley to falls road. that delay is an extra ten minutes in the car for drivers and that's getting larger. wrap it up with the maps, route 4, route 5 and 301, understand den free out here. more volume than usual on each of these roads due to the wet weather. did you know today is take a loved one to the doctor day? this even began at the top of the hour at providence hospital in northeast washington. to learn more we are joined live by coreliss hill. thank you for being with us. it started at 6:00 this morning. do you have people lined up? >> i wouldn't say we have people lined up but bewe have people who are here and excited and they are really excited about taking advantage of the screenings that we have. it should be a great day. >> tell us about the purpose of this and the screenings that you are offering today. >> sure. so united health care is a sponsor of take a loved one to the doctor day.
6:19 am
we are excited about participating. the even is taking place in six other cities today. so we are providing screenings, blood pressure, cholesterol, chair massages. there are stroke screenings. there are screenings to help people live healthier lives. that's what we are trying to do at united health care and we have preventive information for folks as well. >> who's eligible to attend. >> the even is open to the public and encourage anyone to come out at providence hospital at 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. and people can take advantage of the resources we have available, including united health care there are other vendors providing services. >> we do buddy check here and we have a buddy encouraging others to take care of their breast health. i love the idea of take a loved one to the doctor day. a lot of people wouldn't go unless they are encouraged by someone else. >> that's right. we want to make sure folks are taking care of their preventive health. so we actually have a lot of
6:20 am
information that folks can take to their doctor. we have a family health history tool. a lot of time we talk about the family history but not the family health history. we are encouraging people to come out, learn about their health and talk about their health with family member and encourage one another to go to the doctor and see if there are trends in your community or family system and talk to your doctor about developing a plan. >> give us the hours. how long will the take a loved one to the doctor day continue at providence? >> oh, sure. we will be here from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. an we encourage people to come out to providence hospital and stop by the united health care booth and visit us at uac that is our website where we have information for members as well as the general public. >> all right. thank you for joining us this morning and have a good, active day. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome. our time is 6:21.
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ahead in sports, see who kicked a game-winning field goal last night in monday night football. and a rainy night for the nationals and a dreary night for their fans. we are back in three minutes. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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right now we can only hope that one day the nationals will celebrate the nl east title at nationals park. last night it was the phillies captured the fourth straight division crown. they trounced the nats 8-0. and the two play again on the. welcome back to 9 news now. while you slept the wizards hooped it up with 4,000 fans at the patriot center. it was a little midnight madness to tip off the preseason. the wizards open the regular season on october 28th in orlando. this season no more agent zero. arenas is now number nine. it is a change for him
6:25 am
following the gun play suspension and trip to a halfway house. he didn't talk about the understand den during the media day yesterday. monday night football in chicago with the bears hosting the packers. tied at 17 with four seconds left, the bears had a 19-yard field goal to win it. the bears topped green bay 20- 17. still ahead, montgomery county considers another round of severe budget cuts. don't expect to get your 1040 in this mail. listen why the irs will not mail forms next year. and we are under a flash flood watch this morning. howard will tell us how long it will last when 9 news now returns. first day in our new house!
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. this is a live look at rockville maryland and 355 and route 28. our reonis under a flash flood watch this morning and we are not done with the wet weather this week. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. the umbrella here is still closed. >> yes. here it is. it is down right now. not raining in norse. you say we are not done for the week this maybe the appetizer with the main course on thursday as far as heavy rains are concerned. let's go to the weather computer and show you we have had moderate to occasionally heavy showers overnight in waves. not everyone is seeing them they have been few and far between. this morning you see the heavy stuff to the north and west. go to live doppler 9000 hd. you can see some lighter showers here in washington. got a heavy shower across the eastern west virginia, southern
6:30 am
maryland, as well. closer to home we are looking in fairfax and montgomery counties where we see some of those downpours out of great falls, falling off to the north in to across the river there in to parts of montgomery county. seneca, up to boyds and clarksburg seeing that. now east of urbana and parts of frederick county. but thankfully this has been few and far between. back on the weather computer, the flood watch has been dropped areas west of washington. dc no longer under it but northeast of us we still have it. we are at 73. 55 in oak land. a lot of 60s in the shenandoah valley. we start here. we get a little sunshine later on today and i think it will push temperatures in the low 80s with sunshine and a breeze to finish out this tuesday. let's get a traffic update. we have a wet road. >> that's right. you want to use extra caution in the immediate area. not looking bad as far as incidents are concerned. but out west, we have a car fire in sterling, virginia going eastbound on route 7
6:31 am
where it meets 28. we are getting reports from drivers saying that only one right lane of traffic is able to get by. on the outer loop, move it outside, from maryland. from 95 to georgia below speed and getting word of an accident at 214 central avenue that is taking away a right lane. brandywine. take you back to the maps an show you what is going on northbound 301. this is in the brandywine area. we are losing the right lane due to crash activity. back to you. let's check on how conditions are this morning in leesburg, virginia. kristin fisher has been there all morning getting soaked. what's it like now? >> i'm dry. no more umbrella. it is great. we have been progressively getting better throughout the morning and i'm happy to report that people waking up in loudoun county, especially where i am right now, this is downtown leesburg, nomar rain, at least for now. that's good news. take a look at what it looked like this morning.
6:32 am
this is footage shot by one of our photographers, gregos. he filmed this just outside of dulles airport. you can see back then the rain was coming down very, very strong. you can expect wet roadways as we head to heart of the rush hour. certainly want to plan for extra time this morning and, you know, wet roadways never great news for drivers, but i have to say, you know, this rain is actually welcome for many people because the weather channel actually just named washington, d.c. the number one worst place for summer 2010. this is where the summer was the absolute worst. a lot of that had to do with, of course, all of those major thunderstorms that we had sweep through the area in late july, early august and then of course the triple-digit temperatures. but a big part of reason the weather channel named us the number one worst summer in 2010
6:33 am
was the fact that we are cooling with a pretty big drought right now. this rain is a welcome sign for people hoping to get some greener lawns. as we head to the rush hour, i can tell you some drivers here are not looking forward to a wet and cloudy commute in to dc this morning. andrea, so far so good in leesburg. let's keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. >> take it slow out there, too t. when ever wet weather moves in go to and check out the doppler radar. you can zoom in to your street and customize the radar to however you want it. check it out on the rain that's coming our way first made us stop in the carolinas. this is what it looked like yesterday in cumberland county, north carolina. downpours there led to flash floods. just like us the carolinas have been under drought conditions
6:34 am
for the past few weeks. a -year-old child is in critical condition this morning after a car crash. prince georges county police say a car, carrying two adults and three children, crashed in to a tree along floral park road last night. the adults and two children suffered only minor injuries. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. bug problems may mean -- budget problems may mean more shortages in montgomery county. they are telling all departments to prepare for 10 to 15% cuts in the mondays ahead. but how to do it remains up in the air. >> we have to make certain we treat them fairly. we have to make certain they are part of the solution as we go forward and we want to protect as many jobs as possible. >> reporter: last winter's round of storms didn't help matters. the county spent $70 million on
6:35 am
winter storms. jessica is back with another "living $mart" report. you are here to tell us what the latest airline merger will mean for us. >> we are talking about southwest's bid to take over airtran an it could have big consequences for the washington area. here's what the deal means to you. if you like toughly out of reagan national, the $1.4 billion deal will give southwest the access up until now it han been able to secure. the deal would submit southwest dominance. if regulators don't object it would fly 70% of flights there an it will move to the international arena where current flights to the caribbean and mexico. what about prices, airfare experts say a merger shouldn't raise fares significantly. you have probably seen the 100% pom granite juice in the toes grocery store but it is -- it is rich in antioxidant but
6:36 am
the federal government dunn think it is a treatment for heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. listen up, we have free coffee for you. in honor of national coffee tay i will be reporting live from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. tomorrow. at a coffee shop in the king farm neighborhood of rockville. come until noon at that location and get a free drip cup of coffee. just tell them you know me. just say you are a wusa 9 viewer. >> we want to hear your accounts of meeting up with jessica. >> an celebrate national coffee day together. >> she will get her fix tomorrow. don't wait for uncle sam to mail your tax forms this year. the irs decided to stop mailing them to save money. the "washington post" reports
6:37 am
it will save $10 million. only 11 million people filed the returns they got last year. 98million went on-line and 20 million through an accountant. the forms will be available on- line at library and the post office. anyone who's been pregnant knows finding clothes that fit can be a challenge. in six minutes we look for the perfect clothes with our mom to be angie goff. the latest install of oh my baby. howard is focusing on virginia weather and traffic. >> starting to clear out on the heavier rain showers. although on live doppler 9000 hd still watching a bunch of showers up and down 95 for the post part. southern fairfax county, just outside of the beltway. down to stafford, heavy shower by you and west of spotsylvania. we have showers to get through. the forecast for today and temperatures will start to rise, especially once the sun
6:38 am
comes out. by lunchtime mid to upper 70s down to tappahannock and this afternoon, sunshine. we will call it partly sunny anburiescy. highs in the low 80s. looks like a great finish to a cloudy start. >> we are here to alert you on the tieups to avoid. first is from sterling, virginia. we have a car fire. it is eastbound on route 7 at 28 an right now only one right lane of traffic is able to squeeze by. let's move over to the toll road where we have a report of an deb accident near 7100, the fairfax county parkway. definitely slowing down approaching that exit because we are losing a right lane and then approaching 495 a god amount of volume, as well. finally take the live conditions at 50 and 29 in fairfax. got the wet roads but right now traffic is looking good out this way. we'll be right back. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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at 6:43. we go to the top of the charts this morning the hot search is on google. at the top george landers died at 83. in sec the blackberry play book the latest challenge to the apple ipad. this morning it's the latest in our oh my baby series. our mom to be angie goff is here and i learning pregnancy is months of changes. >> that's rye. as the baby grows, i grow. sometimes right out of my maternity clothes that i bought and peggy fox and i went shopping looking for some solutions. >> reporter: when you are pregnant, how do you buy stylish clothes that will last throughout your pregnancy without breaking your budget? >> decaf, i promise. >> reporter: the traffic reporter angie goff is seven months pregnant and has advice for other pregnant women.
6:44 am
>> don't buy the cool skinny jeans from maternity wear if you are prone to swelling. >> reporter: they are learning what essential wardrobe items they need to last until the baby comes and beyond. stylist lana who is also pregnant says before you buy anything look in your closet. >> for example this is not maternity and i'm in my third trimester. >> invest in a stylish top you can dress up or down. >> i love this because the color is amazing. very in. i love the detail that it hugs her right here and it is long. it covers everything we don't want to show. >> reporter: find a stretchy stress with room to expand. this one has a tie in the back. >> a lot of fabric here. imagine her being more pregnant another essential is a tunic and lord cardigan. and invest in yoga pant and unions. they will be your staple and it
6:45 am
is easy 0 to buy the wrong thing send a too much. >> it is funny having done it twice before i look at the clothes and hold them up and think how am i going to get that big but it happens and you want to be prepared for it. >> reporter: you can find these suggestions and more on >> what's really interesting is you not only have to worry about something that feels comfortable but look good because you are on television every day. >> i know and people all the time, you know, i think the other day someone said perhaps it is time to lose the belt. thanks. >> they can be very unkind. >> i'm hearing i got an e-mail from someone saying how difficult it is to find nursing clothes afterwards. so you are telling me i have to buy more clothes. >> you have to buy more clothe and buy something that isn't necessarily pregnant but you can wear again. you will never want to wear those clothes ever again. >> give them away. >> i can't believe you are already over seven months. it's amazing.
6:46 am
>> i can. >> let's go to howard with an update. >> a good pair of stretch pants is what my mom would say. >> dc and charles county and the counties in green to the north and east under the flood watch an the reasons counties to the west have been dropped is because the showers are moving north and east and not much south and west. southwest of fredericksburg a couple of heavier showers but the bulk of the action is out of the northern neck and coastal parts of maryland there along the chesapeake and up to our north. go to live doppler 9000 hd. we will focus on a couple of spots. you see down 95. we were looking a that, as well. sane maries county to the eastern shore some showers. to our north in montgomery county, now moving in to frederick county this is where we have watching the heavier showers pulling gaithersburg to germantown and damascus out of clarksburg and north to mount airy and play on thesville you will get in on this and lisbon
6:47 am
and howard county and in the mountains of west virginia a heavy shower we are watching. no lightning or thunder but a good downpour here. paw paw green spring, give this 20 to 30 minutes and this will be up to you with a heavy downpour. today at the bus stop, the bus stop forecast, you want to be prepared for some showers. not everyone is seeing them but we have heavy ones the next couple of hours. sun is up in 15 minutes by 9:00 a lingering shower. 80ish or soar or upper 70s by noon. some break of sunshine and partly sunny for the drive home. little breezy and 81. highs today low 80s. possibly 85 with enough sun. 50s and 60s on the. pretty kentucky. tomorrow morning starts okay but clouds thicken up and even a shower before dark. highs of 75. east winds at five to ten. we have low 70s now from dc, southeast and 72 easton and
6:48 am
cambridge and 60s in the shenandoah valley to 50s in oakland. culpeper 66. orange 68 and manassas is 70. national is 73. southeast winds at ten and dew.s in the upper 60s. low pressure is in west virginia. the front will sweep through this afternoon. that will shut off much of the moisture. i think even midday if not mid- morning and on the we clear out and quickly i want to show you how the moisture returns here tomorrow night in to thursday especially and this could bring inches, inches of rain for us on thursday. we will watch that and maybe a tropical connection, as well. seven-day forecast, 75 tomorrow after 83 today. and then wet on thursday. and much cooler by sunday and monday. >> angie? >> good morning, everybody. 12 minutes from the 7:00 hour. still dealing with the rain out on the roadways and right now seeing more problems on the outer loop in particular at 202. this is a new accident. you notice that we are slow approaching the scene. also the inner loop is slow after the scene.
6:49 am
and if you continue on the outer loop, it looks like from 95 to georgia avenue that's where we are dealing with a five to ten minute delay but that is getting longer. switch the camera over and show you 270 slow between 121 to the split. that's an extra 15 to 20 minutes for these drivers. in virginia we have more problems to tell you about. on the dulles toll road looks like we have an accident heading eastbound at the fairfax county parkway. you are slowing down there. this is actually 395 northbound where our main delay out this way is from beltway to seminary. and again from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. andrea, those are the slow goes. now back to you. coming up on 6:50. a member of the maryland national guard is suing the state board of elections. the guardsman known as john doe said overseas voters are not given enough time to get their ballots and mail them back. the unidentified guardsman is on duty and stationed in iraq. the story is on the green bell
6:50 am
page of the where you live section at find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. cac us and be part of the team. the creator of the hbo series "the wire "is a genius, according to the group which gives out the so-called genius grants. david simon is among the 23 resip yens of ' wards from the foundation. the official announcement will be made later today. each award comes with a $500,000 prize over five years. 73 degrees in northwest washington. president obama begins a quick cross country trip. in three minutes, learn where he is heading. now the toyota dc high school play of the day. >> we have three dayses away from the game night report.
6:51 am
campus correspondent play of the day from alex at bishop macnamara high school. and number eight is robinson and that is a killer 30-yard touchdown run. gonzaga won the game but that maybe the campus correspondent clip of the season so far. high schoolers, if you would like to be a campus correspondent get a free flip cam and a chance at a $5,000 college scholarship. log on to apply. hi there. i'm ian wright
6:52 am
and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy.
6:53 am
oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it.
6:54 am
it is 6:54. here's what is in the news now. president obama kicks off a four-state campaign swing. he will be in new mexico, wisconsin and iowa today. the swing wraps up tomorrow in richmond, virginia. a three-alarm fire has destroyed part of the faulkier county livestock exchange in marshall, virginia. it began last night. crews from five different counties were called in. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. and the cleanup is beginning slowly in the upper
6:55 am
midwest. towns are recovering from some of the worst flooding in 20 years. no reports of any deaths but we will have to see the extent of the damage. showers an here and in west virginia a severe thunderstorm warning until 7:30. the storm heading to paw paw and may clip northern frederick county, virginia. we are worried about winds up to 50 to 60 miles an hour with this. an you will have the traffic an i will have the seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. i don't feel my age.
6:56 am
6:57 am
and i don't want my skin to show it. (announcer) gold bond ultimate restoring lotion. coq10 helps skin renew itself. gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. this beats sitting in traffic on the beltway.
6:58 am
the first ever human wing flapping aircraft. it is being tested in canada. the plane is nicknamed the snow bird. the pilot has to put his seat op the pedals and push. that flaps the wings. it is based on one by da vinci. the longest flight is 19 seconds but the creators are working on it. from the air to the wet road. on the outer loop at 202 some crash activity is taking away a right lane. actually it is blocking the left shoulder. we are jammed from 95 to georgia after that. on 270 southbound, we are delayed from 121 to the split. plus 20 minutes for that. and virginia, 66 eastbound, you are slow from 234 to 28. an extra 15 minutes is what you can expect to get from 50 to nutley. now, over to howard. spotty showers an. one severe thunderstorm in the eastern west virginia panhandle. we will see some sun this afternoon. actually to the low 80s. mid-70s tomorrow and heavier
6:59 am
rains potential alreadily for thursday. this could be an appetizer what we saw. finally the weekend will clear out and be much cooler on sunday and monday. look at those highs in the low 60s. >> i'm liking the look of that and liking the look of futures trading. higher after a bit of a bull back yesterday. -- pull back yesterday. we have economic date data due out. our next news is at noon. until then get news, weather and interactive radar and traffic at >> please be careful out on the roadways this morning. and with will see you throughout the morning cut-ins every half hour with more weather an traffic. have a great day.

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